Fleet - Stardes

Stardes Fleet

Stardes boast one of the most up-to-date and reliable fleet of trucks and trailers in the business.

From small and nimble box vans to the largest articulated trailers in European entertainment logistics, Stardes have the ideal vehicle for your needs.

Stardes – Articulated Vehicles

Our low-ride articulated trucks and trailers allow total flexibility by changing the design and size of the trailer being towed. The low-ride design offers greater internal capacity whilst remaining under the 4m overall height restriction imposed for international European transport.

Our ongoing fleet replacement programme ensures our tractor units are the most up-to-date, cleanest and greenest trucks available. We then have them upgraded further with blind-spot cameras for enhanced safety, plus TV/DVD screens, fridges, and microwaves for driver comfort. We also fit mains power hook up, this allows our drivers to plug in at venues and use their equipment without having to run the engines or worry about flattening the truck batteries.

All Stardes box trailers are insulated, to help protect valuable equipment from condensation, and each trailer comes complete with an externally stowed aluminium loading ramp, bright interior LED lighting, and a comprehensive load securing system of straps & shoring beams.

Flat Floor Mega Trailers

Stardes low-ride flat-floor trailers are 13600mm (45′) long and offer an internal height of 2900mm (9’6″) and width 2460mm (8’1″), giving an internal capcity of 98m³.

‘MegaMax’ Trailers

Stardes ‘MegaMax’ trailers are a 13600mm (45′) long low-ride stepframe trailer specifically developed for the entertainment industry. The internal width of 2460mm (8’1″) and height of 3070mm (10’1″) means these trailers allow 8’ riser boards to go side-by-side, and 3m trussing to stand on end. The internal capacity is a ‘true’ 101m³ – the largest possible for Pan-European road haulage.

‘Urban’ Trailers

Stardes ‘Urban’ trailers are replacements for 18 & 26 tonne rigid trucks. Urban trailers are much shorter than standard trailers, meaning easier access to smaller venues, the trade off being their smaller size and reduced carrying capacity. Stardes Urban trailers measure 7.8m (25’6″) long, 2460mm (8’1″) wide by 2280mm (7’5″) high inside, they can carry loads weighing up to 10,000kg. All Stardes Urban trailers are equipped with large-platform tail lifts.

Other trailer types, including conventional stepframe box, curtain-side and Euroliner trailers are available on request.


Stardes has a comprehensively equipped 5 bay workshop, and a team of highly experienced technicians who maintain our fleet to exacting standards, exceeding all manufacturers and statutory requirements. A fleet engineer is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, to ensure vehicle performance and reliability.